7 Tips and Tricks to Merchandising Your Retail Store

The main aim of merchandising is to increase store sales. So any retail owner wanting to realize record sales should invest in creating merchandising displays that motivate customers to buy. This post talks about effective mechanism tips and tricks that will lead to more conversions for your retail store. Read on:

Display the wants strategically to make more sales with merchandising

You should desist from the traditional model of marketing where you display the needs strategically. Needs are things that customers have made up their mind to buy. So it would be pointless to put more energy into enhancing them. Instead, direct your energy to strategically displaying things they want, as customers tend to respond to them. For instance, instead of displaying a cheap blender, strategically a display pizza maker, which customers are dying to have. Don’t assume that because they want a cheaper blender, they won’t consider buying a highly priced pizza maker.

Change up your merchandising displays each month

Changing up your displays monthly, especially during holidays and seasons, can help you sell more and increase your building business momentum. Understand that promotion merchandise has a much shorter lifespan, so endeavor to display new arrivals first. Also, if you order products meant to be displayed side-by-side, keep it that way. Don’t rush to display if all the products meant to go together haven’t arrived. Wait for all to arrive and display, so that you don’t dilute the appeal of one product.

Choose the right lighting for your merchandising display

Lighting is a critical aspect to enhancing your retail store conversions. Make a point to highlight your products with overhead lighting. If you realize that you have a specific dark display that you can’t seem to light up from above, consider moving it to another location that permits overhead lighting display. If you’ve ever gone to a merchandise store, you know that the right lighting makes merchandise pop.

Begin your merchandising displays close to the entrance

It’s a good idea to put your first display close to the entrance. Endeavor to display your most recent merchandise and highly priced merchandise here. Ensure that you have several layers of height, as well as sufficient products to allow customers to pick up and check out the products without having to completely interfere with your display.

Have an attention grabber in your merchandising display

Pick out a unique and completely unrelated product and place it in the center of your display. This unrelated product acts as a prop. It’s actually meant to capture the attention of the customer. This unrelated product in the middle of a display raises more questions for customers. They would want to know why it’s there and that could direct their attention to products around there.





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Put words alongside some merchandising displays

Carefully chosen worded signs can skyrocket your store’s conversions. When implementing worded-signs, ensure that they are short and easy to read. If seniors frequent your retail outlet, make sure you’re making their lives easier by utilizing large fonts. For kid’s stands, it’s okay to use hand-written words. Avoid signs that warn off clients from taking any action, such as ‘’DO NOT TOUCH.’’ These kinds of signs will only ruin your retail store’s reputation.

Monitor your computer and inventory to succeed in merchandising

Take quality time every week to track your inventory and computer printouts. If you realize that an inventory is running low, order it ASAP. The beauty and success of any merchandising lies in having your shelves well-stocked and displayed and having enough backup inventories to ensure it stays that way. If you notice that a particular inventory is not moving, try to display it in a more strategic location before giving up on it.

Well, these are some of the best tips and tricks to supercharge your retail store’s conversions. There are many other things you can add to your merchandising strategies to skyrockets sales. This list gives you a starting point.


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