Small business owners get stuck in their routine day-to-day running of the business. Yet, it’s important to manage time to not only work in your business but work ‘on your business’. Doing business in today’s era is not only limited to make just enough to support yourself but it’s more than that. It is about being proactive and focused on growing your small business and finding new opportunities.

Providing new products or services is one way to attract new buyers and influence sales.  The requisite is to assure those new products complement your business’ existing lineup. For example, your existing business sells ladies fitness clothing; here if you add a clothing line for kids then it will be more sensible. Thus, inclusion of unrelated items in your brand make customers question your brand sense.

Internet is an effective tool used by almost all brands to show their digital presence. More people are preferring to shop online and are more likely to purchase on social media referrals. Hence, effective digital presence is the key to move your small business ahead. You can achieve this by creating an e-commerce site and engaging social media channels. Moreover, you can also look for products you don’t offer but there is always an unmet need in the market which you can fulfill.

An option to internationally trade your products is worthwhile. With more supply of certain items, you could have more demand in overseas. Through which, you can cast a bigger net and may cause your business to grow exponentially. However, exporting requires a lot of work from preparing documents to setting up dealers, rules, tariff schedules, payment conditions, and many more.

A relatively low-cost way to grow your small business is to license your product to third-party manufacturer. Through this way, you can market your product with very less to no capital investment. And, it allows you to avoid manufacturing costs and the need for networking to market your product. Moreover, an idea to merge your business with another is an effective way to reach out to new customers and move your business to the next level. This business-merger strategy, however, is possible but will take a year or longer to get things ready. Another best idea to expand your small business is Winning a Government contract.  It requires intense work and research but at the end you have federal government as your customer.